Since 1977, the East Kern Cemetery District has provided caring, dignified and courteous service to families through the Mojave Cemetery and California City Memorial Park locations.



Making decisions on memorialization and purchasing property allows you and your loved ones to rest assured that an informed and best decision was made.

Increasingly, families are pre-arranging for their cemetery needs. Pre-need purchases allow the family to make important decisions at their convenience without the pressures of an emotional situation. It is important to have adequate time to absorb information and discuss it with family and close friends.

Pre-planning for inevitable needs such as in-ground burials and memorialization is as essential as buying life insurance or investing in an IRA. Pre-arranged purchases help families who are prepared for the future save money by securing the current price of a lot. Many purchasing families do not fully understand the costs involved in burial, entombment, cremation and memorialization. Preparing in advance can ease the emotional and financial burdens involved.

Contact our office for more information on pre-arranging your needs.

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The Mowing Season has officially begun at the California City Memorial Park and the Mojave Cemetery.  Mowing days are Wednesday at the California City Memorial Park and Thursday at the Mojave Cemetery.  All flowers and decorations will be removed early morning and held no longer than two weeks at either location.